Home Gym Vs Commercial Gym

Would you prefer working out at a home gym rather than getting a membership at a commercial gym? Many people enjoy the privacy of training at their own home gym, while some enjoy the atmosphere and the variety of equipment available at a commercial gym. The choice of selecting one between a home gym and a commercial gym is not an easy decision at all times. Whether you prefer to workout at the convenience of your own home or at a professionally equipped commercial gym, each has its own pros and cons. However, there are few very valid reasons as to why some prefer to workout at home

Time factor

Your tight schedule will not always leave you with time to rush into the gym on a daily basis. There is lot of time involved in getting ready, getting to the gym and getting back. It might even take 30 minutes just for you to reach the gym, and with your tight timeline, you may not always have the luxury to spend a few hours in a gym with the commuting back and forth. Commercial gyms also get extremely busy and crowded during certain hours and days, which means you would have to stay in line for treadmills or the rowing machine. If your workout involves short rest periods in between, a commercial gym may not be a wise option on a busy day. With a home gym, you can work out at any time of day whether it is late in the night after a busy day at work or at 4.00 am before you start your day. With a home gym, you can work out on whatever day you have time in your own private space.


A gym membership may be quite costly at the beginning and since most commercial gyms have monthly membership fees, this would be an ongoing process. However, making your own home gym also could be a costly venture initially. Yet, it would be a wise investment to make if you hardly find time to go to the gym amidst your tight schedule or if your work out plan require breaks in between. Also, with the availability of used fitness equipment, you can have your own treadmills and iron rings for less than your annual gym subscription. Also, you don’t have to buy it all at once. You can upgrade your home gym as you go on. A well-equipped home gym is an effective way to stay fit even with a busy lifestyle.

In the end, the decision to join a commercial gym or building your own home gym depends on what works best for you. But for those with a tight schedule, a home gym provides a convenient solution for their fitness requirements.

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3 Reasons To Choose The Best Fitting Athletic Wear

Athletic wear isn’t for everyone, especially if you aren’t into sports. Most people fail to understand the role of well-fitting athletic wear on their bodies. Tight compressed clothes can cause rashes and boils as well damage your skin. The skin needs to breathe! Here are some tips on picking the most suitable sportswear:

The perfect clothing boosts your confidence level
Confidence soars when you wear the appropriate clothing, especially when you know it’s going to help you perform well. The illusion of wearing something well-made affects your self esteem and prestige with others, especially if it’s associated with a good brand. Psychology states that the affect of wearing good clothes has a good impact on the perception of others and yourself. If you know you look great, you will want to act out your image of being great so when you feel great you are more likely to exercise. However, the right sports equipment matters too.

The best sports wear increases performance
There are different types of sportswear that affect performance but a good example is of swimming wear, the wrong outfit when worn can affect the lap time by creating a difference in the so called aerodynamic current power in water. Generally, swimming corporations banned swimsuits that were made from a material called polyutherane as they affected performance. You can purchase good swimwear from many boutiques catering to men sportswear online that has a variety of clothing for the physically active male. The same applies for female sportswear. You must remember that you do not need to swim to be affected by wrong clothing. T-shirts’ that suck out moisture will help you run for longer as if you wear something that constricts heat from your body then you won’t be able to run for long. You must focus on shirts not made from 100 percent cotton as this will absorb sweat and cling on to your skin. You must opt for clothing that sucks out the sweat.

Choose shoes well
You must choose shoes that help you in the relevant sport you are doing. If you opt for running choose running shoes and not soccer shoes. The footwear must be for running is different as running requires added flexibility, traction speed and stability of soles. The shoes must be of the right size for example high tops protect weak ankles and good shoes have heavy paddings for heavy quick landings that lessen the impact. If you are planning on ordering shoes online, focus on women or men sportswear online stores found on the net or famous branded stores like Nike, Adidas and Reebok. However, you must keep in mind that any sport requires a lot of movement so wear the right footwear to prevent accidents or injuries on the field. Shoes or clothes must be made for the relevant season too whether hot or cold as in unbearable conditions you could face drastic accidents.

Remember to follow the few tips above to maximize your sportswear performance and confidence levels. You can perform better simply by picking the best clothing out there.